Inspiration From Nature: Designing The Organic Logo

There has been some debate over the importance of a logo to a business. Even a small business can benefit from a logo. Not only does it identify your business, it links together your products or services. How many times has someone asked for a recommendation and been given an answer that refers to a logo rather than a name? Names are sometimes hard for people to remember, but a good logo will stay in their mind.

A logo created from nature inspires confidence. Nature is timeless. It never goes out of date. A large percentage of purchases involves emotions rather than logic. Logic comes later. Images from nature tend to make people feel good. The natural logo works best if it has some connection with your business. You want people to connect the image with your business. If it doesn’t connect to your product, it can connect to your slogan. Be creative.

Your logo can be simple or complicated. It can be something you do yourself or have done by a professional. New designers are often willing to help with logos at a very reasonable price. A logo will add a touch of professionalism and pride to your business.

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