Is It Time To Freshen Up Your Logo?

Every time you leave your house, get into your car and venture out for the day, you are exposed to numerous logos that reinforce a company’s brand. Just think about a trip to the grocery store. When you step into your car, it has a logo. Stop for gas before you get to the grocery store and you will see a highly visible logo on the big sign displaying the fuel prices. Once you get to the store, it will have a recognizable logo. Step inside and there will literally be thousands of logos plastered on all of the cans, bottles, boxes and containers that package the grocery and non-grocery items that will fill your shopping cart.

When logos stop catching the customer’s attention or they blend in with all the other logos, it may be time to consider updating your logo. Times are constantly changing and a logo that worked well in the 1980s or 90s may no longer be relevant today.

Hiring a graphic design artist or other professional who specializes in creating corporate logos can be a very worthwhile investment. While the owner or management team of a company should have input and final approval of the logo, it is best to let the professional logo designer exercise his or her creativity. A great logo is the single-most important way to give a company or organization an identity.

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