Image Is Everything: Why Branding Matters Most

When consumers hear about your company name they have a distinct impression about it. This influences what they think about your company and whether they will buy any products from it or use its services.

If you can associate an image to your company name, you will be able to brand it in a way that creates the best impression. This will now influence everything people associate with your business when they hear about it.
While there are many ways to brand a company like its name, logo, slogans, and marketing messages, using images will create the best impression because our brains are wired to register images more strongly than words.

The image you choose to brand your company should project the values of your company. Once you have chosen this image, you have to commit to the discipline of only using that image. Consistency is what builds a brand and this comes from thinking through your marketing from the very beginning.

Branding an image is projecting it. You are projecting a consistent look, tone, and level of quality. This will create the impression that you are able to deliver consistent products and services. When all parts of your marketing messages are aligned with each other, then branding happens almost effortlessly.

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